beyond the green: collective of middlebury voices

a student-run publication that seeks to provide space for voices that are not being heard on our campus. we are grounded by politics that are radical, anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-classist, anti-homophobic, anti-ableist, and anti-transphobic (against all forms of oppression) and that reject the structural neo-liberal paradigm that characterizes middlebury college and its official publications

Art + Media


BTG Updated

This amazing logo is in addition to India’s artwork/logo; courtesy of Tamir Williams! Thank you Tamir!

Cover Art


Perhaps you’ve noticed our DOPE cover photo??  We know, you’re both incredibly impressed and incredibly jealous– it’s basically too awesome to exist.  This masterpiece is courtesy of the amazing India Huff.  Thanks India, you are a gem!

Abroad at Home: Accounts of the Invisible

Please see Tim Garcia’s thesis, which takes a critical look at and represents the experiences of American students of color at Middlebury College. The post is on our main page, here.

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