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Far Right Funding of Middlebury College’s Alexander Hamilton Forum

Find below an anonymous tip revealing some information on the far right funding source of Middlebury’s Alexander Hamilton Forum.  


This is not the first time money from the Koch brothers has been used by Middlebury affiliated organizations to bring speakers to campus.


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We asked Keegan Callanan who funds the Alexander Hamilton Forum and he said that it is funded by three grants this year from the Jack Miller Center, the J.P. Morgan Charitable Giving Fund (a donor-advised fund), and the Institute for Humane Studies. Callanan said he was happy to share the information so we decided to post it publicly.

We didn’t have too much time today [4/17/2019] but we did a little digging out of curiosity.

Charles Koch is chair of the Board of Directors of The Institute for Humane Studies, which appears to be a libertarian recruitment vehicle.

Mother Jones called the Institute for Humane Studies a “haven for climate change deniers. Several climate deniers have prominent positions at IHS, including:  Robert Bradley, member of the Academic Review Committee and author of Climate Alarmism Reconsidered (2003); and Fred Singer,  Research Professor at IHS.

According to Mother Jones, the Institute for Humane Studies gave a scholarship to Polish conservative and climate change skeptic Tomasz Teluk. Teluk founded the Polish libertarian think-tank the Globalization Institute

Greenpeace USA refers to the IHS as a “Koch Industries Climate Denial Front Group,” which received $36,886,734 from Koch foundations, 1997-2017.

According to Jane Mayer, who wrote Dark Money, “The aim of the IHS was to cultivate and subsidize a farm team of the next generation’s libertarian scholars. Anxious at one point that the war of ideas was proceeding too slowly, Charles [Koch] reportedly demanded better metrics with which to monitor students’ political views. To the dismay of some faculty members, applicants’ essays had to be run through computers in order to count the number of times they mentioned the free-market icons Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman. Students were tested at the beginning and the end of each week for ideological improvement.”

IHS is also a member of the far-right State Policy Network, the umbrella organization for the Janus decision that is currently trying to destroy the US union movement.

[The people who asked Callanan comment that they] personally don’t have a problem with using outside money to fund talks, though maybe solely outside funding is a problem. But we do think disclosing that funding is important.

We got this stuff from poking around SourceWatch, Greenpeace, the SPN, etc. So we haven’t verified it beyond that:



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