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Long-awaited Statement on Disciplinary Measures Because We’re Really Out to Get Students

Statement on Disciplinary Measures
Long-awaited Statement on Disciplinary Measures Because We’re Really Out to Get Students


The College’s investigation has identified more than 70 individuals it believes may arbitrarily be subject to disciplinary procedures under student handbook policies.

As of April 17, more than 30 students have accepted were coerced into accepting disciplinary sanctions for their actions shutting down a white supremacist on March 2. We are almost halfway through with the investigation and disciplinary undue process and we hope to bring it to a close by the end of the academic year in mid-May because we want to stifle student protest, have no regard for the wellbeing of students, and want to drag this on forever.

We will not comment or be transparent on the nature or range of the sanctions punishments until the process is complete. Students facing disciplinary action have especially been left in the dark about the nature of punishments.

At this point there is no unambiguous evidence that any member of the Middlebury College faculty violated faculty policies in regard to their actions on March 2, except for Allison Stanger who was mockingly chanting “Black Lives Matter” at students (see 32:22).

At this point there is not unambiguous evidence, but indeed, there is clear evidence that students, faculty, and administrators violated college policies. Students violated policies in regard to those that define protest as silent and non-disruptive. Faculty violated college policies in regard to their actions of harassing and mocking student protesters during and in the aftermath of March 2. Administrators violated college policies in regard to their actions of attacking students with their car. No one but students have been held accountable.


*For original statement, see Middlebury College Newsroom


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