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Ask for No Official College Discipline for Student Protesters

Last month, Middlebury students disrupted racist, classist, ableist speaker Charles Murray’s lecture on campus. These students are now facing disciplinary action by the college for their participation in the protests.

Please call and email the college administrators and staff listed below, asking that these students not be punished by official college discipline and that the college instead take accountability for creating an anti-oppressive campus. Here’s a suggestion for what you might say (of course putting it into your own words would be best):

As a member of the community, I believe that students who protested Charles Murray should face no official college discipline. These students showed courage and determination and should not be punished for standing up for community values including “fostering a diverse and inclusive community,” as the student handbook states. Punishing protest is silencing dissent. Middlebury College must instead recognize and work to end its complicity in and perpetuation of systems of oppression.

I demand that instead of taking punitive measures against protest, you work with students towards equity and justice on campus.

Thank you,

[alumna/alumnus/staff/faculty/parent/student at Middlebury or another school/community member]

Laurie Patton, President of the College,

Barbara McBride, Executive Assistant to President Patton (802-443- 5400)

Dave Donahue, Special Assistant to the President and Director of Community Relations (802-443-3060)

Katy Smith-Abbott, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of the College (802-443-5382)

Baishakhi Taylor, Dean of Students (802-443-5575)

For alumni and parents:

Colleen Fitzpatrick, Vice President for Advancement (802-443-3177)

Margaret Story Groves, Alumni Relations (802-443-5196)

Faith Peters James, Associate Director of Parent Giving (802-443-2888)


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