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Thank You: a poem

By Sierra Jackson


Being in Vermont I feel trapped

I feel suffocated

I feel confined and confused

Angry and annoyed


But I also feel hungry and humble.


Watching Black and Brown youth riSE up


fight back

Acknowledging their ancestors in the

fight of resistance fought long before

Declaring the validity of

Their existence.



My people.


I think being in Vermont has allowed me

the space

the time

the necessity

to see and acknowledge the value of

My people.


Had not for Vermont would I have held on to my blackness as much?

Would I have cared so deeply?

Loved so profusely?

Been so unapologetically?


My love for Vermont is complicated but

My love for my people

For myself


That love has taken over my existence like the plague of the Renaissance.


I am beginning to learn what I am here for

Who I am here for

and everything in between.


Being in Vermont is liberating and exciting and eventful and beautiful and

Being in Vermont is what my people need from me.



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