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20 Thoughts from the Third Town Hall Discussion

After reading the Crampus today I was inspired to write my own slightly-satirical reactions to the third Town Hall Discussion. Of course, these thoughts and opinions do not represent all students of color or students of color at large. See the go links at the bottom.


– Tiff Chang


  1. Town hall meeting designed to help Middlebury confront racism perpetuates racism by leaving students of color more exhausted than when they entered.
  2. Sombrero girl extremely apologetic, cries, then extremely unapologetic.
  3. Crowd more moved by story of brave white victim than angry Latino man who called her out and lives this everyday: white feelings worth ten times black and brown feelings.
  4. Meeting began with potential invention of a new term that suggests white people are deficient in character traits by saying “people without color”, but turns out it was not a joke and white people were avoiding saying the word white. I guess we should be honest about the level we’re really on. Refer to #10, 11.
  5. Students of color marginalized by white students in a space supposedly designed for them yet again.
  6. Students of color realize Town Hall Discussion was not designed for them, duh.[1]
  7. International student says he is a “nice looking brown color,” first time positive adjective and “brown” put together in institutional setting.
  8. Google, Yik Yak, alcohol and other derailments of the second Town Hall Discussion replaced by thanking sombrero girl and op-ed writer, celebrating white people that attended the event, discussion of (white) socioeconomic status, calls for post-racial unity, and claiming to be “educated” in the past tense.[2]
  9. Woke students of color surprisingly disappointed by not-very-woke students of color.[3]
  11. The biggest success of this forum is not “solutions and positive visions” that Miguel asked for, but that Laurie Patton sat in the first row as throngs of students willingly exposed how very uneducated they are in front of a chapel of people.
  12. Architectural Digest: Mead Chapel still very Christian, white and outwardly misogynistic – official space large enough for important (diversity) conversations.
  13. Felt bad for the member of the baseball team who thinks his teammates aren’t racist because they like the food he cooks for them.
  14. To everybody: Racism is a system, systems permeate everybody and everything, we have all been imbued with racist thoughts; we are all racist, WE ARE ALL RACISTS. Stop spending so much time arguing you are a good not-racist white person, and start the decades-long process of unlearning.
  15. Between speakers, pitter-patter of students of color tiptoeing around white sentiment heard echoing throughout chapel.[4]
  16. Lived experiences of feeling unsafe mentioned more times by white students than students of color.
  17. White male feb conflates systems of racism with ignorance.
  18. Third-to-last speaker publicly admits he still doesn’t get cultural appropriation, after three Town Hall Meetings and numerous op-eds. Makes clear that he will be included in any culture he is interested in without invitation – #TBT1492? Refer to #11.
  19. Ron Liebowitz cited as major player in system of racism pre-Laurie Patton; Miguel pops champagne in celebration of his departure. (This one is imaginary.)
  20. Laurie Patton “saddened”, but not angered, by students of color’s experiences of pain.

[1] go/importantvideo

[2] go/derail

[3] Woke: being aware/awakened of racial issues and social justice.

[4] go/iracist


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