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Vote Stuart Warren & Tiff Chang

The moment I read Stuart Warren’s take on the AAL requirements, calling them “silly and colonialist,” I knew he was a very different, and much needed, SGA Presidential Candidate. Our Middlebury is one that needs some radical changes, that needs more leadership that is explicitly anti-oppression and that is committed to building a safe, equitable, and more inclusive community. As SGA President, Stuart will be an important part of that leadership. Disarmingly honest and constantly willing to interrogate the systems of power (including the SGA) on Middlebury’s campus that privilege some while marginalizing others, Stuart will help facilitate real and meaningful change at Middlebury.

I also will be voting for Tiff Change for Student Co-Chair of SCOCC. She too, is committed to realizing a different vision of community for Middlebury–one in which all students, particularly those who have been most marginalized, are truly listened to and supported, one in which students are challenged to engage with one another and with staff, one in which our whole selves are respected.

To all the incredible students involved in activist work on campus, consider how having such influential allies in the SGA might amplify our energies and speed up our efforts. We will not have to spend valuable time and patience convincing the SGA that our work is important, that our voices are important. Vote Stuart Warren and Tiff Chang for an SGA that responds to our real needs.


Stuart Warren is one of the few white males at Middlebury College, the land of the privileged sleepwalkers, who acknowledges and confronts his privilege as a white, upper-middle class male. Warren doesn’t only acknowledge and confront his privilege, but understands the several systems of oppression (racism, homophobia, sexism, ableism and more) that operate within societal spheres. No, he will never completely understand the adversities people of color face on this campus (for instance, the feelings of discomfort due to lack of safe space), but he is definitely willing to listen and take action regarding the lack of inclusion on campus. He has shown this by attending last week’s Distinguished Men of Color’s (DMC) meeting on retention rates (the discussion was on exploring the reasons why the retention rates for people of color, more specifically black students, are lower compared to their white counterparts, both at Midd and college in general). Two weeks before that, Stuart was in attendance at the Gensler Symposium, listening and discussing along with others about the carceral state. Instances such as these clearly show that Stuart is at least making the effort and willing to tackle issues regarding inclusion, diversity and systems of oppression and in relation to the campus atmosphere.

And this is the reason why I have chosen to vote for Stuart Warren as SGA president — he is willing to listen to and help tackle the issues marginalized people of this campus face.

-Kizzy Joseph ‘18





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