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Just so you’re aware…

by Alex Strott and Jackie Park

Today, someone I know told me something very disturbing. She told me that she had been invited, along with a friend, to a party in a senior guy’s Atwater suite. She had never met this guy before, but he saw her sitting with a friend that he recognized in the dining hall and approached them, telling them they should come. He told them that it was a party exclusively for senior males and freshman females. The females were told to dress as animals. The senior guys? As hunters. The theme of the party is “Predator/Prey.”

Word is the party is now cancelled, but we don’t know that for sure. Still, I don’t know if I’m more disgusted by the fact that parties like this – which are not only horribly offensive but the definition of rape culture – exist, or that the people throwing this party know exactly what they’re doing, and that we are allowing them to send this message to our freshmen.

If you know anyone involved in the making of this party, or anyone who’s been invited, please discourage them from participating in whatever way you can/feel safe in doing. Ask your friends not to go. Tell these people that this party is NOT okay. We have also notified CRAs of this event and there are things being done to rectify this absurdity. But please call Public Safety or MiddSafe if you see something wrong or do not feel safe in the event that it does happen.

Public Safety: 802-443-5911

MiddSafe: 802-377-0239


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