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Have a Seat: It’s not about you

I want to take this moment to get unapologetically messy with you, because I’m frustrated and the fact that I even have to speak to this is flipping frustrating. So, let me say this quickly:

For all of the progressive majority, yet defensive parties who are “trying to engage” but feel like their opinions have been marginalized in the discussion:

“This” isn’t about you.

Let me explain.

Racism, Classism, Sexism, and many other isms existing is not a debate.

Those things are real.

Those things are wrong.

We are fighting those things.

I have to admit there are plenty of vivacious social justice activists (many whom write for btg) who are ready to debate and go back and forth with you- I’m not one of them.

After five academic years and this conversation isn’t getting any more educated, or dignified- I’m not doing it.

Because you see: my social justice, my activism isn’t about you.

So no I won’t be coming into your spaces to help you understand why I’m angry- you can have a seat with that.

No I don’t have to use The Campus as my platform in which to speak- it is not my job to create a welcoming space. (We should actually talk about that further- I’m getting wholly annoyed with the onus being placed on marginalized and minority groups for creating welcoming spaces when we weren’t the parties to make them unwelcoming in the first place) – ya’ll have can have many seats with that.

No you don’t have a full understanding of race after a semester of readings, especially when your professor was Murray Dry.

So no I won’t reconsider the possibility of your presentation being offensive. You can have a seat.

No I don’t have to entertain opposing opinions- and I won’t, because my social justice, my freedoms, my rights, my being treated equally is not a debate. You don’t get an opposing opinion. You get an opinion on how you want your eggs in Proctor, but you don’t get one on this- Have a seat.

Making the conversation about how you’re being attacked, misunderstood is detracting from my original agenda of dismantling these oppressive systems, and I simply do not have time for that.

So understand: This isn’t about you. It was never about you. It’s never going to be about you.

That is the point.

So you have two options, as far as I’m concerned.

1.   You can humbly engage and fight and walk with me-which is what I am hoping for. Your support in this work is critical. So join us, come to our meetings, write with us.


2.   You can step into my auditorium and have any seat you’d like. #Itsnotaboutyou


-Miss Auditorium

(Kya Adetoro ’13 ; twitter: @missauditorium )




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