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I thought I was fine, I thought I didn’t need help, but I was wrong.

After my break up with the boy i loved, I fell into depression. THe thing that hurt the most was that not only did I lose my partner, but I also lost my best friend. Man did I love him. I tried distracting myself so that I wouldn’t think of him and throughout the day, when I was so busy I was fine. Then late at night I’d lay in bed and cry. Three months of crying. I thought I was fine, I thought I didn’t need help, but I was wrong. I needed help and I denied it because I didn’t want people to think I was crazy. See the thing is, we didn’t break up because we weren’t in love anymore. We broke up because I left. I left him alone. I was the only thing he ever had, other than his dog. And if I felt this way, I could only imagine what he was feeling. Maybe he needed help too and he just didn’t say it. Scared of what other people might think. I know because I was there. I hope he’s doing fine.


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