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I often leave our sessions feeling empowered, and I love that about my meetings with her.

Though I struggled with anxiety — and probably some depression — since before my time at Midd, I had a hard time working on that while I was at Midd. First of all, there’s not enough time in a Midd student’s life to really focus on mental health because it takes a lot of energy to do that. Secondly, I was discouraged about counseling during my first two years at Midd, after meeting with a few counselors that I didn’t feel very comfortable with. But I eventually hit a low enough point that I kept searching for a counselor at home after my sophomore year, and I decided to take that fall off in order to work on resting and learning how to take care of myself. I was able to find a counselor that I felt good about at home, and now I have also found a counselor in the town of Middlebury who I feel comfortable with! My work with counselors has been so vital in helping me come to terms with my struggles with self-condemnation and performance-oriented behavior, and so helpful in healing and working out of those patterns too! I’m a senior feb now, and I still see my counselor at Midd; right now I’m seeing her once every two weeks. She really helps me keep things in perspective and see ways out of situations that I previously felt locked into. I often leave our sessions feeling empowered, and I love that about my meetings with her. If you are discouraged about counseling, I would encourage you to keep looking for someone you are comfortable with, and who you feel understands and respects your perspectives. Counseling is so much about the relationship that you have with the counselor, so feeling comfortable with your counselor is important! That said, it always takes time for me to warm up to telling a new person all about my life — so you might want to give it a couple sessions before you decide. Side note: Regularly working out with friends has also helped me *so much*! I like to work out in the mornings with friends because I start the day socially, and also with endorphins from working out. 🙂


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